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Rimbal is an Online Financial Advisor that Builds and Manages for You
a Tailored, Professionally Managed Investment Portfolio

Say goodbye to uncertainty (and high fees) and hello to achieving your financial goals

Tailored Financial Advice

Start Achieving Your Goals

Get financial advice that is easy to understand, tailored specifically for you and available for any level of investment.

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Boost Wealth Creation

Boost Wealth Creation

Make Superior Investments

Invest into multi-asset, diversified portfolios tailored for you and managed by professional investment managers.

How it Works

Save Time, Save Money

Save Time, Save Money

Secure Web Platform (24/7)

Everything is completed online (secure, privacy-compliant). No upfront fees, maximise your savings and build wealth.

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Technology is a powerful force for change in the financial system, potentially improving efficiency and competition, and benefiting consumers. ”

David Murray, Financial System Inquiry - Chairman

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